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Client Testimonials



Jeff, Thanks for everything you do to help me stay "connected"

Jeff, thank you so musch for your patience and all your help to get me into Microsoft Office Live when my computer "didnt want to play nice" It is a pleasure to pay for your help and services. Many Blessings Christine

Jeff, My heart sank when my laptop accidentally fell out of my bag and crashed to the ground. I immediatly thought of everything I have stored on the computer, espically the PICTURES! When I turned on the computer and received the message "operating system not found' I was in desperate need of a computer expert. You quickly solved the problem and now the computer runs better than before the accident. Thank you for rescuing me! Alyson ABramson


Dear Jeff, Citi Roofing would like to thank you for your help with the purchasing of our new computer. As you know we have very little computer knowledge and it was not easy with so many varieties to choose from. The computer you choose was not only economical but it is exactly what we needed. The new firewall software is also something that was much needed and now that we have it, we feel better knowing our company information is protected.   We would also like you to know that we appreciated how well you explained things to us and took the time to returned our phone calls whenever we needed you, you were there.   Citi Roofing will recommend AFL Computer Consulting to our friends and buisness associates whenever we get the oppertunity.  We look forward to working with you in the future as we are a growing company and will need lots of good people like you to help us.   Thank you again from all of us Citi Roofing.  Sincerely, Noel Mutter, Officer Manager

Dear Jeff, I would like to take this opportunity to give you an unsolicited letter to personally thank you for the superb job you have done with us, and continue to do for us whenever we call you with a problem.  We contacted you when we were going through a very difficult stage with our software vendor and needed additional assistance. Without knowing how our database was laid out we presented you witht our problems, and you immediatly started working on a resolution for us. This resolution has proven invaluable to our continued socuess. We couldnt have progressed to our current operation without you. I thank you for your dedication to assist us in the middle of the night when our database gave us so many errors we couldnt work. You stuck with it to resolve each of the errors so that the office couldnt function the next day. You were, and are, truly amazing!   I also want to thank you for your frank and honest counsel you have given me concersing upgrading our hardware. As you know, there are so many choices in today's market, and it is often difficult to decide on which direction to go. Most people want to sell you something, so of course their system is the best. You took all the questions we had and answered them truthfully, frankly, and without any bias. This type of counsel is greatly appreciated.  I would recommend you to anyone who needs assistance and look forward to our continued association.   Sincerely, Karen Sauermann, Administrator

 letter of recoomendation from Qausar Financial



Dear Jeff, I am so appreciative of the help we received from you after the devastating flood we endured in the month of may that wiped out all of our computers. Your expertise and diligence in getting our computer system up and running under the most difficult of circumstances is to be commended. You were able to devise and implement a disaster recovery plan to resort all of our data that we thought was lost, saving us countless hours of re-creating lost information. I want you to know that we could not have made it through this stressful period without your help. I would gladly recommend your services to anyone who is looking for a great "IT" company. Sincerely, Karen Bauer, Controller     J.F.R Corporation   Burning Tree Golf & Country Club